Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken Recipe

Tasty tasty chicken



  1. Mix the spices and cover the chicken
  2. Massage those spices into that chicken you pervert
  3. Measure two lots of 200g of self raising flour into two separate plates
  4. Add the hot sauce to one of the flours - use a fork to mix this in
  5. Whisk 2 eggs into a bowl
  6. Coat the chicken in the self raising flour, egg then hot sauce flour mix
  7. Leave this to rest for 15 minutes before frying
  8. Heat the oil in a shallow skillet/pan to 180C
  9. Fry the chicken - keeping an eye on that temperature!!
  10. Fry to the following times - Thigh - 20 minutes | Drum - 18 minutes | Wing - 10 minutes
  11. Dry the excess oil on kitchen roll and eat (TRY and leave them for 5 minutes or you will burn your face)