Flatliner Shot

By on 10th June 2016

Spoiler alert – This shot is about as pleasant as a swift kick in the crown jewels. Saying that it’s a lot of fun and would go down great for a party (probably taste better if you are a few beers down too!) Take two of the most common white spirits you have in your freezer (cupboard if you aren’t prepared for a good time) – Tequila and Sambuca, add a liberal amount of Tabasco in the middle and you have yourself a tiered shot know as the Flatliner. The taste is exactly as you imagine, but the Tabasco adds another edge, leaving you with burning gums once your gurning has subsided. This shot looks wicked, sounds cool and is a winner with a few friends, so pour and see who will pull the worst face when drunk!

Flatliner (4 of 10) Flatliner (1 of 10) Flatliner (2 of 10) Flatliner (3 of 10)

Tabasco, Tequila & Sambuca – sometimes 3 isn’t so much of a magic number

Flatliner (5 of 10)

Take your Sambuca of choice and fill half the shot glass

Flatliner (6 of 10)

On the back of a spoon, float your Tabasco on top of the Sambuca (Tip – put the Tabasco in another shot glass first and pour from this)

Flatliner (7 of 10)

Float the Tequila by pouring over a spoon as well

Flatliner (9 of 10)

Extra touch – add a slice of chilli

Flatliner (10 of 10)

It goes down smooth…

Flatliner Shot Recipe

Flatliner shot recipe

It tastes terrible – but it’s fun

  • Sambuca
  • Tequila
  • Tabasco
  1. Fill just under half your shot glass with Sambuca
  2. Pour Tabasco over a spoon to float on the Sambuca
  3. Pour the Tequila over a spoon to float on top
  4. Add a slice of chilli if you are feeling fruity
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    11th June 2016

    I’m sure I can someone to do this on a dare. But I don’t keep Sambuca in my freezer, or anywhere near my house, any alternate liqueur suggestions? That face photo reminds me of an old “yagermeister so smooth” tshirt I’ve got lying around somewhere.

    • Reply

      Liam Howard-Jones

      12th June 2016

      Hmmm… The problem is finding a dense enough clear liqueur that will let the Tabasco and and Tequila float on it. Maybe try Vodka?? If you do try anything let me know 🙂


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