Yo! I’m Liam, the guy behind Just Add Hot Sauce!

The recipes you will find on this blog reflect what I love about food and cooking. Most recipes will centre around a real comfort feeling Рas I believe that food is more than the ingredients and how you put them together, it has the ability to connect people and create memories. I wanted to pull together some of my favourite recipes that are easy to create and perfect for occasions like quiet meals in, to tear and share party food.

As I have picked up new tried dishes from my collection of cookery books as well as the amazing food bloggers I follow, I have built up a few obsessions with certain dishes. However, whilst I find myself constantly going back to some dishes like Chicken Wings, I have loved variety since I was a kid and was given a choice of cereals from those Kellog’s Variety Packs. So I love trying new things and trying to find that recipe to rival a bowl of Coca Shredpies.

Whilst you will find a few recipes that don’t feature hot sauce, they’ll be few and far between. I have a bit of an addiction to heat, so if the food I am eating just becomes a vessel for me to put hot sauce in my mouth then so be it! Where appropriate I will give my recommendations on the hot sauce I would use for the recipe – but ultimately the choice is yours!

I work at Virgin Experience Days, which has given me the opportunity to try some crazy experiences and work with a wicked group of people.